KT Stonemasonry

At KT Stonemasonry we are dedicated to providing a high-quality stone masonry service to our customers nationwide. We are a family-run business with a team consisting of stonemasons, stone cutters, stone setters and pointing specialists. Our all-round workforce is capable of completing all types of structural or restoration projects. We pride ourselves on our high level of craftsmanship which is evident in the consistent quality of our work.

KT Stonemasonry was formed by Paul James Dennis who initially worked as a freelance stonemason in 1968 before deciding to build his business with other highly skilled tradesmen. Since that time the company has worked to dismantle, restore and maintain numerous modern and historic stone structures. KT Stonemasonry are a fundamentally resourceful company, relying on salvaged and recycled materials which they combine with their experience and flair for design to create long lasting, attractive structures.

Mission Statement

It is the intention of KT Stonemasonry to guarantee the skilled labour required to craft and produce work which is consistent with the highest standards of stone masonry and artisanship and to design such work that will endure with lasting attractiveness.

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Salvaged Stone

At KT Stonemasonry we pride ourselves on our resourcefulness – up to 80% of the materials we use comprise salvaged stone and recycled materials. This allows us to create a huge range of innovative and eye-catching designs which can be tailored to suit our customer’s tastes. All tradesmen at KT Stonemasonry are professional stonemasons and with over 35 years’ experience under our belts you are guaranteed a quality service. We have completed many projects throughout the years we have been in business and are always available to offer practical advice on which materials we think would best suit your needs.

Stone Building & Restoration

It is common for stone structures to become worn and damaged due to tree roots, freeze-thaw action, soil subsidence etc. At KT Stonemasonry we are able to perform restoration work on all types of stone structures, restoring them to their former glory. In addition to stone restoration we are also able to clean the façade, ensuring an attractive finish. We have completed numerous restoration projects varying in size and specification and have always completed our work to the customer’s satisfaction. Our skilled tradesmen employ traditional stonemasonry techniques using traditional line mortars and we supply all our own materials. Restoration projects have included traditional pubs, follies, and even the residence of the U.S. ambassador.

Garden Features

Stone features can perfectly compliment your garden flowers, trees etc. and can also work to contour the overall shape of your garden. At KT Stonemasonry we can design a range of beautiful garden features based on your specifications. Whether you are looking for stone steps, walls or a more bespoke ornament KT Stonemasonry are able to craft it for you. We have a team of highly skilled stonemasons able to craft abstract stone structures. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any bespoke design ideas.



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